King Quartz 0852-8025

The Seiko 0852 King Quartz is a highly practical vintage quartz watch that can easily be worn every day. Originally released in 1974 this example dates from September 1976.
The battery hatch can be easily opened to replace the commonly available modern battery. Accuracy is still fantastic even compared to modern watches and was specified as better than 10 seconds per month when new.
This was always a high end expensive watch and the fine King Seiko level of detailing bears this out.
The textured dial is simply gorgeous and the angled indices catch the light wonderfully.
The hands with their highly polished finish and thin black line give the watch a wonderful legibility in any light.
I prefer the date only 0852 version in preference to the more common 0853 day/date as it retains greater symmetry and simplicity in the face.